The best members, partners and sponsors are those who are passionate and dedicated to the success of autistic children and their families everywhere. Our members, partners and sponsors are devoted to advancing the needs, rights and goals of the autistic community and assist us in helping their employees and extended communities to become more familiar with the financial plight of families coping with autism. Please support our sponsors.


Become a Member, Partner or Sponsor to help the many families that need a financial burden lifted so they might better help their autistic child or dependent adult.

Our First Partner


The mission of Autism Support Network is conveyed in their tagline: connect, guide and unite.
ASN's goal is to short-cut the uphill battle individuals and families undertake when faced with autism – whether that means the initial diagnosis, the day-to-day living and coping needed, relationship and therapeutic strategies and the latest information.

The Autism Support Network™ donated their Internet network real estate to us for the first year of AACF, Inc's operation. We are thankful to them for giving us the opportunity to grow. Please support them and patronize their sponsors.


Our First Sponsor

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Bridgestone is committed to being a good corporate citizen nationally, regionally and especially in the community where they have manufacturing plants, sales facilities or offices.

Bridgestone's efforts have provided innumerable benefits including literacy education, scholarships, chemical dependency rehabilitation, healthcare, civil rights support, environmental conservation, housing and support for public radio, television, libraries and museums.

The Bridgestone corporate philosophy is to build not just better products, but better communities. We are happy to have them aboard! Please support our sponsors through the purchase of their products. Thank you.



Mail all correspondence or donations written by check to:

Aid for Autistic Children & Families Foundation, Inc.™

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Tel: (478) 365-2556

Fax: (478) 788-0833


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