Michael Buckholtz

Founder of Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.™, diagnosed with autism and OCD, he is a songwriter, performer, multi-platinum record producer (worked for M.C. Hammer) and owner of B-Street Music Publishing™ for 21 years. Before the music, Michael spent time serving his country in the United States Navy as a noncommissioned Personnelman Petty Officer caring for personnel issues including enlisted pay, a top secret government clearance handling military cryptological information and reconnaissance mission coding. Since 2007, Michael dedicated full time to finding a solution to the financial disparity families and individuals coping with autism face.

Natalee Buckholtz

Mother of Michael Buckholtz and diligent family advocate about matters concerning autism. A military veteran, she served her country in the United States Air Force during the beginning of the Vietnam War. Mrs. Buckholtz has more than 30 years of law enforcement and departmental budgeting experience with the state of Georgia's Game & Fish Wildlife Resources. She currently serves as Trustee & Executive Secretary/Treasurer.

Chris Buckholtz

Younger brother of Michael Buckholtz self-diagnosed and raising a son diagnosed with ASD. He is the web administrator of while also specializing in computer hardware and networking within a clinical environment. With current pursuits in advanced media and a Psychology degree, Mr. Buckholtz currently serves as Chief Technology Officer and Trustee.

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